President's Message

Dear Members:

The first membership meeting of the Executive Managers Association of 2017 was held on January 10, 2017. There were eight (8) candidates on the ballot for the seats on the Board of Directors. One Board member was not up for re-election.† For the first time in the EMA history, three (3) business partners (attorney, insurance and landscape professionals) were candidates for the Board.

All candidates had an opportunity to introduce themselves to the membership. All eight (8) seats were voted in unanimously.† A very constructive discussion ensued by the members and some great ideas were presented for the new EMA. The membership discussed the importance of having regular monthly educational meetings with CEUís. After the membership meeting, an organizational meeting was held and the following were unanimously voted in to serve on the Board of Directors:

Elisa W. York, President
Valerie Schreibman, Vice President
Lorraine Megdanis, Secretary
Julie Anderson, Treasurer
Jane F. Bolin, Director
Nicole Pare, Director
Joshua Eibeschitz, Director
Paul Mack, Director
Michael A. Davenport, Director

This reflects the full nine (9) members Board who are diverse in their profession and will contribute immensely to the growth of the Executive Managers Association.

I like to thank everyone for your trust in me and I look forward in working with all of you in attaining a successful 2017. Stay tuned, check our website frequently for updates and upcoming events and meetings schedules.

Elisa W. York,